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One guy's experiences as he quits drinking

Day 6

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Day 6.

I’m quite happy so far – I went out for dinner with some work friends and had… grapefruit juice. And on Saturday I went to the movies with my partner and saw ‘Gravity’ – I was quite sceptical about the movie but it was excellent (best movie I’ve seen in ages).

So far it hasn’t been very hard. I’ve realised the month long booze abstinence fundraisers have been a really positive experience.

By doing them over the past two years it’s almost been like practice trial runs. Because of them I know:

  • which situations are challenging

  • what to expect during the detox/withdrawal period – and that the feelings settle down

  • some of the good things which happen after a couple of weeks (energy, weight loss, having more time, being more productive)

  • that the most challenging temptations are the quiet whispers rather than the obvious loud cravings

  • AND most importantly that I can do it (for at least a month) if I put my mind to it

I’m feeling good – most physical sensations have eased up. I still get waves of deep fatigue – so this weekend I’ve had afternoon naps and have gone to bed early.

PS: If anyone’s interested the fundraisers are:

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