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One guy's experiences as he quits drinking

Measurable changes

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There’s nothing existentially profound in this post – just a couple of new and positive changes since I quit booze. And yeah – I’m a boy so changes which can be measured in numbers by gadgets are cool!

The first change is the most important – my blood pressure. For the last couple of years my blood pressure has crept up & was a few clicks away from being officially ‘high’. That’s too high for someone in their late 30s & it’s because of alcohol.

This week I checked my blood pressure several times & the readings were between 105/70 to 114/70 – which is PERFECT!  In fact it’s officially in the ‘Optimal’ category.  Yayy for good blood pressure – now I can eat salty snacks without nagging trepidation!

In case someone’s reading this and doesn’t know much about blood pressure the recommended blood pressure categories are below and there’s also a link to a decent info page.


The less important, but noticeable change, is how much quieter it is at 4.30am when the garbage truck empties our recycling bin. Ahhhh – gone is the deafening cling, clang and occasional shattering sounds of falling glass!  This week I didn’t wake up at all.

Our recycling bin was only half empty – so I had room for the hoards of old cardboard boxes which lurk under our house (a by-product of too much internet shopping).

So it’s a win for my heart and a win for the environment.  Gee – I wonder how much greenhouse gas was created to make the thousands & thousands of glass bottles I’ve bought over the last 2+ decades?

One thought on “Measurable changes

  1. Great to hear about the blood pressure. That’s just a natural part of our body adjusting and getting back to “normal” (you know, the way it’s supposed to be – not the 25 years that my body used to be while I dumped copious amounts of poison in it). And yeah, those clanking bottles…ugh. Actually, sometimes they made it in there, often not. I was a secretive drinker, so my shtick was dumping bottles as I went – into subways garbages, other people’s recycling bins, park cans, etc. I would spread bottles around like pixie dust. But on those times that I had to sneak them in…I just prayed that the people who pick through bins for bottles (you get money for them) wouldn’t go near mine! I hid bottles under newspapers to dull the sound and hope that my wife wouldn’t hear it!

    Anyway, seems like ancient times. But glad you’re doing well 🙂


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