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These testing times are not so testing

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Oh yeah – day 90 came and went a couple of days ago.

Nothing major to report. I needed some blood tests done and my GP (General Practitioner) also added Kidney/Liver Function Tests and Full Blood Counts onto the list.  Yayy – all my general health tests are perfect!

My ‘Total Cholesterol’ result has never been bad but now it’s GREAT. And my triglycerides (other type of blood fats) are so low that we don’t want them to get any lower.  That’ll be thanks to the alcohol cessation, weight loss, exercise and not eating heaps of salty/sugary/fatty crap when I’m drunk. It’s nice when you get confirmation that unseen things are quietly changing ‘under the hood’.

At the end of March I’ll have my next cancer tests done.  I’m not rationally expecting quitting alcohol to have an impact – but I admit part of me hopes to be pleasantly surprised. My head knows that alcohol intake isn’t associated with my cancer – so it’ll continue to do whatever it wants (Note: alcohol does cause or make many other types of cancers worse however).

If nothing else, quitting alcohol has reduced the anxiety that I experience in the lead-up to getting tests.  I can already notice that I’m starting to think about my March oncology appointment – but it doesn’t dominate my thoughts/moods as much as when I’m feeling hung-over, tired and moody.

92 mornings ago I called into work sick after getting some iffy cancer results.  That was the last hang-over I’ve had & I wouldn’t go back there again. Being sober is so much smoother and easier (well… after the initial withdrawal symptoms settled down).

Cheers without beers!

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