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Not nervous at all!

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I’m about to head off to my oncologist for my latest 6 month blood test and ultrasound results.

OK I’m actually a bit nervous – but compared to this time last year I’m a picture of serenity. Last year I would have spent the last couple of weeks dwelling on the appointment and wasting time thinking about ‘what ifs’. I really enjoy the greater emotional stability which has come with sobriety – less extreme ups and downs and fewer of them.

So I’m heading off right now. My spidey-sense is clear – I’m not expecting any major dramas (I’ve already had some preliminary verbal reports from the ultrasound Doctor). Stable, unremarkable results is what I want! Then I might come home and treat myself to a short run before dinner and CHOCOLATE (I’ve gotta keep some vices).

One thought on “Not nervous at all!

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