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One guy's experiences as he quits drinking


6 Months – YAYYY!

I wrote a giant draft post and just deleted it.  It was all about problems, issues, strategies and solutions…  Urghhhh!

So instead I’m going to say that today is my 6 month soberversary and I’m doing really well.  My life’s not perfect – but the alcohol/sobriety part of it is going really well.  The things I’m really enjoying are:

  1. In my basic day to day life, I don’t really have any strong cravings and it doesn’t dominate my thoughts like it used to.  Sometimes it’s hard to understand how it had such a strong hold over me.
  2. I have a supportive partner and I’ve told 3 close friends who’ve all been great – and it’s reassuring to know that if I did have strong cravings that I have people around me who would give support and probably say “ummm – what are you doing?!”.
  3. I eat and drink more diverse and interesting things. When you don’t have to try to counteract a giant alcohol calorie intake – you can treat yourself with other tasty treats. And when you don’t have the mindless routine which comes with drinking alcohol, you start exploring new drinks and drink combinations.  Maybe one day I’ll do a post on non-alcoholic drinks? My partner has even started drinking one of my combinations during the week because he thinks it’s delicious.

Anyway – my (not) drinking is going really well. And it’s also giving me the stability and energy to get through some of the random curve-balls that life has thrown at me. Hooray and non-alcoholic cheers!