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One guy's experiences as he quits drinking

The world’s my oyster

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What’s a boy to do next?  Tomorrow will be 31 weeks since quitting booze.

It’s become easy to not drink and I get almost no cravings or temptations. I sometimes get FOMO when we’re travelling or in social situations – but that’s about wanting to take part and try new things. It’s not a craving for the sensation of being drunk.

I’m doing really well on the sober front… which leaves me thinking ‘what next?’.

It’s a good place to be. It feels like I’ve worked hard, I’ve had some time to rest – and now I’m starting to get bored and restless.

Time to get back into running? Take up abseiling? Embrace yoga? Start a pottery class?

There’s lots of possibilities when you’re not trapped in a toxic routine.

One thought on “The world’s my oyster

  1. I so relate to this and in particular the “what next”! I’m of quite a restless nature so this has always to some extent been true, but especially evident since I got sober nearly nine months ago. (By the way, we must have a similar amount of time sober – I’m trying to calculate 31 weeks in my head but it’s too early in the morning – anyway, yay you, that’s freaking awesome!)
    Run!!!! Go running!!!! I rediscovered my love for running and although I’m not exactly Mo Farah, I have now worked up to being able to run nearly the full hour and it’s begun to feel REALLY good again. When you put running as a possible option, I felt like just magically transmitting the feeling I had yesterday when I was out for a run just to show you what’s in store for you if you decide to start running – feeling so incredibly well now that I’m sober and reaching a point where I feel strong and getting to the end of 8 kilometres and running past my house because I still have strength and energy left!!!!!!! Sorry for the exclamation marks but this was freaking MAGICAL for me. Two months ago, I nearly keeled over running for 3 minute intervals with the app I’ve been using. Reality is I’m a slightly chubby almost-43-yearold who is wobbling along at a snail’s pace, beetroot red and sweating obscene amounts, but who freaking cares when it’s beginning to feel so damn good?!?!? To others, it probably looks painful and I doubt anyone looks at me thinking “oh, she looks fit” hahaha but it makes me feel like superwoman. DO IT!

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