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One guy's experiences as he quits drinking

Milestones galore


It’s one of those cool celebratory times where a bunch of milestones all cluster together.

  1. Today is officially 8 months booze free
  2. On Saturday it’ll be exactly 35 weeks
  3. Early next week it’s officially 250 days

Hmmmm. How to treat myself? Maybe I’ll go buy myself some fancy new threads this weekend.


5 thoughts on “Milestones galore

  1. Amazing!!! WOOHOO!!!!! Yes – go treat yourself! New threads (does this mean clothes? I’m old and very uncool) sounds good. Or whatever makes you happy. You’ve done so well and as a fan of yours I am very proud of you and thrilled to be able to tell you CONGRATULATIONS! Good work my friend, you totally rock. Now go treat yourself, you deserve it. xx

  2. Wow! Coooooool! Contrats on your 8 months! Wonderful :-). I am very happy for you!
    xx, Feeling

    • Thanks! It’s now officially my second longest sober period. I don’t want to jinx it but I think ‘this time is different’. I’m so incredibly bored with the whole on again/off again routine – I just have no desire to start get back on the drama wagon…

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