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One guy's experiences as he quits drinking

Enjoy life when it’s good.

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I just ran a marathon yesterday… Physically I’ve felt wrecked for 24 hours – but emotionally I feel great.

A marathon is undeniably a really big challenge – but what people don’t usually say is that the 16-20 weeks of training before the event is even harder. Months of regimented training 4-5 times a week often in the dark and the cold – early in the morning or late in the evening.

I just wouldn’t have been able to achieve this goal if I’d been drinking.

So completing the marathon is like a cherry on top of a sober cake. It really tops off a great a really good time in my life.

I’m sober (478 days). I have no desire to drink. My anti-depressant and thyroxine adjustment (6.5 weeks) have really improved my mood. My anxiety has melted and I can feel emotions other than being angry, tired or tense all the time. And to top all of that off – I just finished a marathon and achieved a big personal goal.

Part of me already wants to think about the next goal – but I’m going to slow down and just enjoy myself for a few days. Yay. Life is good at the moment.

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