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One guy's experiences as he quits drinking

Cravings, tempations and control

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This post isn’t about drinking. I’ve had almost zero cravings and tempatations since I stopped drinking early last year.

My issue at the moment is about food quantity and quality.

I recently spent months marathon training which required really big weekly running distances. One of the nice treats which I like about long distance running is being able to eat whatever I want… in fact I need to eat lots. I was literally burning an extra two days worth of food each week.

Marathon training doesn’t just train your heart, stamina and legs – it also trains your stomach to eat marathon amounts of food.

After I finished my marathon I couldn’t run for a few weeks because of a mild stress fracture in my foot… but my stomach still demanded the same amount and the same type of food.  It’s been like a monster and I keep giving in because “well – I’ve earnt it”.

But now… it’s time to tame the beast. I want to still be kind to myself – I just want to cut back on chocolate/sugar/treats, slightly reduce my portion sizes and reduce my snacking/grazing.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not like the overwhelming compulsion and loss of control like with drinking. But it’s still also a bit of a challenge at the moment. I know from previous times that I just have to stick to it for a while until my mouth and stomach adjust.

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